World peace begins with inner peace.

The simplest + most effective way to transform your home, your community, your workplace, and the world is to cultivate inner peace.

This isn’t just a pleasant idea — it’s backed up with scientific research.

Studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine and The Annual Review of Sociology show that one person’s change in behavior ripples through his or her friends, family and acquaintances.

These social medicine studies prove what (most of us) have secretly suspected, all along:

When you are stressed + agitated, the people around you become stressed + agitated, too. When you are peaceful + happy, the people around you become peaceful + happy, too.

At LOTUSWEI, we believe that one of the most powerful ways to cultivate inner peace is through plant-based remedies: using pure flower essences to shift your mood + physiology.

We believe it because we’ve felt it, seen it, researched it, and observed it — for over 15 years.


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